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  • Thomas
    Hospital Manager
    Thomas is the hospital manager at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. He earned a BS in Business Administration in Philadelphia and spent time in retail before becoming the hospital manager in 2000. He thoroughly enjoys working with the progressive RAH team that is dedicated to superior patient care and client service. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys hiking, biking, sailing, and photography.
  • Jeff
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jeff joined the veterinary assistant team at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in July 2012. 

    He says, 'I like being able to help people and animals. Almost everyday there's something interesting or a new challenge. I love the people I work with.'

    At home, Jeff has two cats named Black Kitty and Grey Kitty, and a Pitbull mix named Sadie. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and practicing speaking French.

  • Nicole
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Nicole joined our staff in March 2016. She loves seeing and interacting will all types of breeds.

    Nicole says, 'The staff is very friendly and helpful. It's been my dream to work with animals, and I look forward to going to work every day!'

    Nicole has two calico cats named Portifina and Luna. In her free time, Nicole loves to hike, listen to music, play video games and spend time with her cats.

  • Justin
    Client Care Representative

    Justin joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in February of 2018 as a Client Care Representative. His love of animals is applied daily in what is his first position in the animal-related field.

    He remarks, 'I like making an impact in the community, helping people and their pets; it's such a satisfying feeling.' 

    At home Justin has a black Lab/Doberman Pinscher mix named Omar. In his free time, Justin likes spending time with his dog, and also enjoys cooking, working out, and playing soccer, basketball and baseball.

  • Michaela
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Michaela joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team full-time in November of 2017. She says, 'I love how friendly everyone is, and how well everyone works together!'

    At home, Michaela has two dogs, a Beagle/Basset Hound Mix named Budwick and a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier Mix named Loa, as well as a cat named Sullivan.

    In her free time, Michaela enjoys doing make-up (both beauty and special effects), cooking, and going for walks with her dogs and boyfriend.

  • Rob
    Client Care Representative
    Rob has worked as client care representative since April 2013. Before joining our staff, he worked at PetSmart from 2010-2012.

    Rob enjoys working at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital because 'it's fun to meet people and pets from all walks of life.' He adds, 'I find nothing more gratifying than seeing happy clients and healthy patients come and go! Every day is something different too; I like the variety.'

    In his free time, Rob enjoys drawing, playing guitar, hiking and biking, playing video and board games, and photography. He has a very active cat named Space Jam, a neighborhood stray turned housecat.

  • Andrea
    Veterinary Technician
    Licensed veterinary technician Andrea joined the staff at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in August of 2012 and has worked with our volunteered with animal-related businesses since she was 13 years old. She is a licensed veterinary technician in the state of New York.

    'I enjoy working with animals everyday. I am passionate about caring for them and doing everything I can to better their lives,' Andrea said. 'Rhinebeck Animal Hospital is a great hospital to pursue my career. I can tell I'll learn and accomplish a lot here.'

    Andrea has a cat named Sprinkles and a quarter horse named Cayenne.

    'Living in the Hudson Valley, my hobbies change with the weather. In the summer I love riding my horse, swimming with my dogs, hiking, or spending time near the water,' Andrea said. 'In the winter I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating. I also enjoy spending time with my niece and my family.'

  • John Van Demark
    Dr. John Van Demark is a general practitioner at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. He joined our practice in September of 2014, and has a professional interest in exotic companion animals.

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  • Nanette
    Business Office Manager
    Business Office Manager Nanette has been part of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since 1988. Nanette has worked in the animal care field for 30-plus years and she is proud to work with the caring staff and veterinarians that treat with compassion and the highest quality medicine.
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  • Bonnie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Bonnie joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in April of 2015. She's worked in the animal-care field for 15 years in a variety of roles. Currently, Bonnie is working on becoming a veterinary technician, and 'looking forward to it!'.

    She says, 'I love working at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital because it's great to work with so many people who are committed to what they do!'

    At home, Bonnie has two cats named Tangerine and Beatrix, two rabbits named Juniper and August, and a Shih-Tzu named Sugar Bear. In her free time, Bonnie enjoys volunteering at a local field station to help with research on wild animals and plants.

  • Christopher
    Staff Operations Manager
    Staff Operations Manager Christopher has been a part of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since 2006. He enjoys working with the friendly staff and likes the fast-paced work environment. His hobbies include playing the drums and hanging out with his friends.
  • Tamarin
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Tamarin joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in November of 2017.

    She enjoys the work atmosphere, remarking that 'the staff here are very friendly, patient and helpful; they really enjoy their animals!' In addition to pursuing education in the animal-related field, Tamarin occasionally volunteers at the Hudson Valley Reptile Rescue.

    Tamarin shares a home with four pets; two cats named Yuki and Artemis, a Madagascar Day Gecko named Vern, and a snake named Vashara.

    Outside of work, Tamarin enjoys video games, television, comics, reading and playing table-top games on the weekend.

  • Louis Tumolo
    The owner and hospital administrator of Rhinebeck Animal Hospital, Dr. Louis Tumolo, Jr. has cared for pets here as a general practitioner since 1970, when the hospital was a mixed farm and companion animal practice.

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  • Danielle
    Veterinary Assistant

    Danielle joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team as a full-time Veterinary Assistant. Her love of animals extends beyond her work; she regularly volunteers at the Dutchess County SPCA, through whom she has been a foster mom for orphaned kittens.

    When asked about Rhinebeck Animal Hospital, Danielle remarked that 'the staff and community are amazing! I felt welcomed the moment I started!'. She commends the team for their collective knowledge, sense of teamwork, and passion for the field.

    At home Danielle has domestic medium hair a cat named Benny, who began as a foster kitten. In her free time Danielle enjoys being with her family and friends, and her many hobbies include painting, reading, taking walks, bicycling, bowling and going to the movies.

  • Christina Weckesser
    Born and raised in Rhinebeck, Dr. Weckesser has known ever since the sixth grade that she wanted to be a veterinarian and spent most of her childhood summers working with cows and goats in preparation for 4-H shows. She is quite invested in Rhinebeck Animal Hospital as she was mentored by Dr. Tumolo as a veterinary assistant before going to veterinary school. She enjoys developing a bond with each pet that comes into the hospital and likes challenging herself with new experiences and new cases.

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  • Joanne
    Client Care Representative
    Client Care Representative Joanne joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in November of 2017.

    When asked about her work environment, Joanne noted, 'I am constantly impressed with the level of dedication to excellence in service as seen across every department within RAH. When our staff knows every client and their pets, when the vet assistant introduces themselves to a new client with a handshake; it is within these moments of connection that bonds are made that withstand the test of time. It's all in the special attention to details!'

    Joanne's furry family consists of two Domestic short hair cats named Bob and Pete, the latter of the two a survivor of stomach cancer! In her free time Joanne enjoys kayaking, drumming, gardening, baking, going to live music events and reading. She also looks forward to going to the 'mermaid parade' in Asbury, New Jersey every summer.

  • Lisa
    Veterinary Technician Team Leader
    Veterinary Technician Lisa joined the staff at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in December 2010. She says, 'I love this hospital because we have a great team that truly cares about our patients.' Lisa holds her veterinary technician license in the state of New York.

    At home, Lisa has a Sharbo named Zoey and a Daschund/Jack Russel mix named Emma. She spends her free time with her family and puppies. Lisa also enjoys hiking and kayaking.

  • Julianne Porter
    Dr. Julianne Porter is a general practitioner who joined our staff in July 2013. She has been working in the animal care field ever since she was 14.

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  • Lyla
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Lyla has been with the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since May of 2017. An avid equestrian, she aspires to one day be a veterinarian herself.

    Lyla enjoys the hospital's 'welcoming environment', and feels that it is 'a great place to see what [her] future might be like!'

    At home, Lyla's furry family includes a Maltese/Yorkie mix named Griffin and a 'very fat cat' named Snoopy.

    Outside of work Lyla is a full time student, but spends her free time competing in equestrian sports. Her career goals include earning a DVM in equine medicine, and working as a bio-mechanic engineer focusing in 'sport horse locomotion'. She also loves helping out the community, and serves as the secretary of the local Interact Club.

  • Greg Tumolo
    A native of Rhinebeck, Dr. Greg Tumolo has cared for pets as a general practitioner at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital since 2006. He loves both the scientific and compassionate aspects of veterinary medicine, and enjoys using the latest scientific and medical techniques to help improve the quality of life for pets and their families.
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  • Brooke
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Brooke joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in March of 2017. Her love of animals dates back to her childhood, walking dogs for her neighbors.

    When asked about working at RAH, Brooke noted, 'I like working here because every day I learn something new! I love helping care for someone's family member(s) and making them feel better!'

    At home, Brooke has a 'mutt' named Chloe, with whom she walks and hikes frequently. Her other interests include hanging out with friends, exercising (outdoors, at the gym, kickboxing, etc.), decorating and going shopping.

  • Sandi
    Client Relations Manager
    Client Relations Manager Sandi has provided client service to our dedicated clients and their wonderful pets since 2004. She has been a part of the animal care field for over 20 years. Sandi says, 'We are a team dedicated to providing the best patient and client care possible. I'm proud to be a part of such a dedicated, empathetic and knowledgeable group of doctors and staff.' Sandi enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family. She's an avid sportswoman. Furthermore, she volunteers for activities her daughter is involved in.
  • Jennifer
    Client Care Representative
    Client Care Representative Jennifer has worked with clients at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital since 1993.

    She enjoys meeting pets and their owners and is proud of the excellent care the hospital team members provides.

    Jennifer's animal companions include Maddie, a Newfoundland; Ben, a Chocolate Lab; two Persians named Simon and Sophia, and several chickens. Much of her spare time is spent catching up on chores and planning mini-vacations.

  • Janette Relyea
    Associate veterinarian and general practitioner Dr. Janette Relyea has cared for pets at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital since 1991.

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  • Agathe
    Veterinary Technician
    Licensed Veterinary Technician Agathe joined the team at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in June 2015 and has been a part of the animal care field for eight years. She is a licensed veterinary technician in the state of New York, and holds an associate's degree in veterinary medicine. Agathe's favorite part of working at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital is the group of veterinarians and staff she works with on a daily basis. She says, 'Everybody here is compassionate. We all love what we do and we all help each other in difficult situations.' At home, Agathe has two dogs named Lyla and Annabelle, and a rabbit named Grims. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, hiking with her dogs, gardening and shopping.
  • Cindy
    Bookkeeper Cindy has been a part of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since 1995, and has been working in the animal care field for over 30 years. She says, 'Our hospital practices the best medicine. We have new doctors fresh out of veterinary school and doctors with a lot of experience. We also have a great support staff.'
  • Jessica Gelernter
    Dr. Jessica Gelernter joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital family as a general practitioner in August of 2017. Her professional interests include dermatology, behavior, ophthalmology, and exotics/wildlife medicine.

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  • Jessica
    Veterinary Assistant Team Leader
    Jessica began working as a veterinary assistant at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in January 2015.

    Jessica likes working at the hospital because 'everyone here is friendly and they make newcomers feel welcome. The hospital also provides very thorough training to its staff'.

    Jessica says, 'I knew very little when I started. Everyone here is so willing to answer questions which leads to better patient care.'

    At home, Jessica has a cat named Kane. She enjoys reading, writing paranormal romance, playing World of Warcraft, spending time with her family and going on nature walks.

  • Shawn
    Veterinary Assistant
    Shawn has been a veterinary assistant at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital since July 2010. He says, 'The hospital staff and the veterinarians not only love their jobs, but also care deeply about the animals in their care and they keep them purring and their tails wagging.'

    At home, Shawn has a Cocker spaniel named Buddy, a Beagle named Daisy and a domestic short hair named Binx. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, gardening, swimming, camping and hiking.

  • Danae
    Client Care Representative

    Danae began her role at the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in February of 2018. Her role as Client Care Representative is her first in the animal care field, but she aspires to eventually become a veterinary technician.

    She says, 'I enjoy working with people that share the love for animals as I do. I have always wanted to work with animals, and I finally have the chance to learn and further my education in animal care.'

    Danae has two pets at home: an AKC-registered English Springer Spaniel named Brady and a Bombay cat named Onyx. Both participate in activities such as training and tricks.

    Outside of work, Danae enjoys many activities such as hiking, snowboarding, bowling, skydiving, surfing, and enjoys occasional gardening, reading, and traveling.

  • Dorothy
    Client Care Representative
    Dorothy joined Rhinebeck Animal Hospital as a client care representative in October 2013.

    She says, 'I enjoy meeting client and their pets, as well as being able to work with the knowledgeable staff at our veterinary hospital.'

    At home, Dorothy has two dogs named Jonesie Marie and Sage Elizabeth. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dogs, traveling, and spending time with her family.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Words can never express our gratitude for all your time, caring, love, and compassion; not only for Bear, but for us. You folks are a most exceptional group of caring people. we feel so fortunate to have you in our community."
    - Barbara S.
  • "Jesse and I cannot put into words how much we appreciate all the love, support, compassion and understanding you all have given us and our beloved Rosie over the last years. Having your respect and support helped us through this very difficult time."
    - Nancy C.
  • "Babette and I would like to express our greatest appreciation for your very professional, loving and timely treatment of Falstaff's serious health problem. On this date, he has all the appearances of a 100% recovered dog and is doing remarkably well. We have the greatest admiration for your prompt diagnoses and treatment. Your diagnoses were thorough and your explanations complete and easy to understand. All of this points to the high level of training and professionalism of the staff of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. The entire staff seemed very knowledgeable and concerned for his well being."
    David S.
  • "Thank you very much for taking such great care of Eddie. Your caring, hard work, patience and love helped him recover. We are very grateful to have such a great team of vets, assistants and receptionists. Thank you again for all of your help."
    David B.
  • "I thank you for fighting to find out what was wrong with Ruby and for giving her quality care and compassion. Again, thanks, from the bottom of my heart."
    Tammy V.
  • "Thank you for taking such good care of Manford. Your patience and time with all of my phone calls and questions has been very comforting. Your care has gone above and beyond what I expected."
    Kelly J.
  • "When my husband and I were dealing with the worst times during Mr. B's illness, we always spoke about how, during the worst times, great things happen. We feel that those great things were the love, care, skill, and strategies of the doctors and associates at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. Everyone cared and enabled us to get through Mr. B's illness with much less worry. We don't want to forget anyone and we thank all of you very much."
    Tina C.
  • "We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for making RAH a terrific and loving "home away from home" for Shep during his lifetime with us. We are also tremendously grateful for your empathy, support, and understanding in the connection of our heartbreaking decision to put him down. We miss him more than can be described. Thank you all again for everything"
    John. L

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