Wellness Care

Wellness Care

When it comes to your pet's health care, prevention is the key. Our veterinarians recommend that your pet receives a physical exam at least once a year, though more frequent exams are encouraged. Regular physical exams are just as important for your pet as they are for you. Exams give a complete picture of your pet's health and are useful in detecting diseases and other health problems in the early stages - before they become more difficult, and more expensive, to treat.

Our veterinarians perform a complete examination of your pet. We listen to your pet's heart and lungs, evaluate his or her vision, check for unusual lumps, look at your pet's teeth and oral cavity and check your pet's joints for swelling or stiffness. We may also perform routine blood and urine tests as well as tests for internal or external parasites. During the exam, we also discuss home health care options for your pet, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Does your pet have a microchip? Each year, millions of pets go missing and many don't make it back home. Microchipping your pet is a simple, effective way to prevent this tragedy.

About the size and shape of a grain of rice, identification microchips are encoded with your pet's vital information and implanted beneath your pet's skin, usually between the shoulder blades. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country are equipped with special scanners capable of reading these microchips - if your pet is lost, the microchip is scanned and the information is used to reunite you and your pet.

Rhinebeck Animal Hospital uses the HomeAgain® microchip system, which is recognized internationally and domestically.

Puppy & Kitten Exams & Vaccinations

Routine vaccinations can prevent a host of diseases, many of which were once considered fatal to pets. Puppies and kittens should start receiving vaccinations at approximately 7 weeks of age. We understand that each pet has different needs when it comes to vaccinations and work with you to tailor a vaccine protocol that meets your pet's needs.

Reproductive Services

Rhinebeck Animal Hospital offers an array of reproductive services, educational resources and technological advances to assist your pet with breeding and pregnancy, including pre-breeding consultation and screening, ovulation timing and artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound.

Nutritional Counseling
Rhinebeck Animal Hospital can help develop a nutritional plan for your pet. Nutritional counseling can benefit your pet, whether he or she is obese and needs to lose weight or if he or she requires a specialty diet for medical reasons.

We sell a wide variety of prescription diets including Hill's®, Royal Canin® and Purina® diets. If your pet requires a specialty diet that we do not carry, we are happy to order it for you. We also carry Wysong™ Natural Diets for dogs and cats. Wysong is made from fresh, whole, human-grade ingredients, organic as available.

For dogs, we carry Wysong Growth™, Adult™ and Senior™ varieties in cans and dry. For cats, we carry Wysong Vitality™ in cans and dry.

Behavioral Counseling

If your pet is having behavioral problems, we can help. Rhinebeck Animal Hospital offers special behavioral counseling for all pets. We perform a thorough physical examination of your pet and develop a complete behavioral profile of your best friend in order to create a program that will eliminate your pet's behavioral problem.


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