Veterinary Assistants

  • Jessica
    Veterinary Assistant Team Leader
    Jessica began working as a veterinary assistant at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in January 2015.

    Jessica likes working at the hospital because 'everyone here is friendly and they make newcomers feel welcome. The hospital also provides very thorough training to its staff'.

    Jessica says, 'I knew very little when I started. Everyone here is so willing to answer questions which leads to better patient care.'

    At home, Jessica has a cat named Kane. She enjoys reading, writing paranormal romance, playing World of Warcraft, spending time with her family and going on nature walks.

  • Shawn
    Veterinary Assistant
    Shawn has been a veterinary assistant at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital since July 2010. He says, 'The hospital staff and the veterinarians not only love their jobs, but also care deeply about the animals in their care and they keep them purring and their tails wagging.'

    At home, Shawn has a Cocker spaniel named Buddy, a Beagle named Daisy and a domestic short hair named Binx. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, gardening, swimming, camping and hiking.

  • Jeff
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jeff joined the veterinary assistant team at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital in July 2012. 

    He says, 'I like being able to help people and animals. Almost everyday there's something interesting or a new challenge. I love the people I work with.'

    At home, Jeff has two cats named Black Kitty and Grey Kitty, and a Pitbull mix named Sadie. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and practicing speaking French.

  • Nicole
    Veterinary Assistant

    Veterinary Assistant Nicole joined our team in March of 2016. She loves seeing and interacting with all types of animals and aspires to one day have her own Border Collies and do agility training with them.

    Nicole says, 'I love coming to work every day! I am always learning something new from the amazing doctors and technicians here. One of the best parts about this job is getting to interact with all the dogs and cats!' 

    Nicole has two calico cats named Portifina and Luna. In her free time, she loves being outdoors, hiking, listening to music and spending time with her family & friends.

  • Brooke
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Brooke joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in March of 2017. Her love of animals dates back to her childhood, walking dogs for her neighbors.

    When asked about working at RAH, Brooke noted, 'I like working here because every day I learn something new! I love helping care for someone's family member(s) and making them feel better!'

    Outside of work, Brooke's interests include hanging out with friends, exercising (outdoors, at the gym, kickboxing, etc.), decorating and going shopping.

  • Tamarin
    Veterinary Assistant
    Veterinary Assistant Tamarin joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in November of 2017.

    She enjoys the work atmosphere, remarking that 'the staff here are very friendly, patient and helpful; they really enjoy their animals!' In addition to pursuing education in the animal-related field, Tamarin occasionally volunteers at the Hudson Valley Reptile Rescue.

    Tamarin shares a home with four pets; two cats named Yuki and Artemis, a Madagascar Day Gecko named Vern, and a snake named Vashara.

    Outside of work, Tamarin enjoys video games, television, comics, reading and playing table-top games on the weekend.

  • Danielle
    Veterinary Assistant

    Danielle joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team as a full-time Veterinary Assistant in April of 2018. Her love of animals extends beyond her work; she regularly volunteers at the Dutchess County SPCA, through whom she has been a foster mom for orphaned kittens.

    When asked about Rhinebeck Animal Hospital, Danielle remarked that 'the staff and community are amazing! I felt welcomed the moment I started!'. She commends the team for their collective knowledge, sense of teamwork, and passion for the field.

    At home, Danielle has domestic medium hair a cat named Benny, who began as a foster kitten. In her free time, Danielle enjoys being with her family and friends, and her many hobbies include painting, reading, taking walks, bicycling, bowling and going to the movies.

  • Maeghan
    Veterinary Assistant

    Maeghan is a full-time Veterinary Assistant on the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team. Her passion for animals is reflected in her rich history of animal care, spanning positions at animal shelters, ranches, and farms. Ultimately she aspires to anything that will 'help improve the lives of animals'.

    She says she 'love[s] working here because the staff cares about your animals as much as you do, and how you, as the owner, feel'.

    Maeghan's furry family includes a 'gorgeous' Staffordshire terrier named Rosie, and two kitties named Snoop and Wiz.

    In her free time Maeghan enjoys being outdoors; hiking, swimming, and climbing, often bringing Rosie along.

  • Elaine
    Veterinary Assistant

    Elaine is a Veterinary Assistant on the RAH team, and her work is guided by her love of taking care of animals.

    She remarks, 'I like working at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital because every day I learn something new. The staff is very helpful to one-another!'

    At home, Elaine has two orange cats named Phoenix and Buster. Outside of work she juggles her work as a student as well as pursuing hobbies like reading and watching movies. She aspires to a career in the arts and hopes to have 'giant, fluffy dogs' as pets!

  • Connor
    Veterinary Assistant

    Connor joined the RAH team in November of 2015 as a veterinary assistant. In addition to his work, he is pursuing a college education. His goal is to either play baseball professionally or work in the criminal justice field.

    When asked about why he likes working at RAH, he noted, 'I love being around animals, and the staff is great to work with!'

    At home Connor has many pets; 4 dogs and 3 cats! In his free time he likes to hang out with his friends, watch TV and (of course) play baseball.

  • Emily
    Veterinary Assistant

    Emily joined the RAH team in December of 2015 as a kennel assistant.

    She cites a lifelong love of 'caring for and handling animals of all sizes' as her motivation for working in the field. She aspires to become a licensed Veterinary Technician upon completion of the program at her school.

    Emily's animal companions at home include three cats named Cheeto, Smoke and Katy Bug, as well as a bearded dragon named Travis (who is actually female). In her free time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, and spending time with her closest friends and her pets.

  • Lyla
    Veterinary Assistant

    Veterinary Assistant Lyla has been with the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since May of 2017. An avid equestrian, she aspires to one day be a veterinarian herself.

    Lyla enjoys the hospital's 'welcoming environment', and feels that it is 'a great place to see what [her] future might be like!'

    At home, Lyla's furry family includes a Maltese/Yorkie mix named Griffin and a 'very fat cat' named Snoopy.

    Outside of work Lyla is a full-time student but spends her free time competing in equestrian sports. Her career goals include earning a DVM in equine medicine, and working as a bio-mechanic engineer focusing on 'sport horse locomotion'. She also loves helping out the community and serves as the secretary of the local Interact Club.

  • Shannon
    Veterinary Assistant

    veterinary assistant Shannon joined the RAH kennel assistant team in October of 2018. She is currently a full-time student with an interest in pursuing a career in nursing and emergency care.

    She enjoys her role at RAH, saying, 'I love to be around animals as much as possible, and to help them in any way I can! I also love the hard work and positive energy that this hospital brings!'

    Shannon has many pets at home; four dogs named Brady (a pit-bull/shepherd mix), Josie (a Corgi/Jack Russell mix),  Ellie (a Pug mix), and Riley (a Boxer mix), and three cats named Emme, Maisie and Jazzy. Outside of work and school, she enjoys playing sports such as basketball and field hockey, playing with her dogs, listening to music, spending time with her friends and family, and watching series like Grey's Anatomy.

  • Makayla
    Veterinary Assistant

    Makayla joined the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team in October of 2018 as a veterinary assistant.

    Regarding her role at RAH, she remarks, 'I like working here because I love animals and being able to care for them! The staff here are also very kind, and they create an enjoyable working environment!'

    Makayla's furry family includes three dogs named Cherry, Dakota and Naboo.

    Outside of RAH Makayla enjoys the creative arts, such as writing, photography, drawing, and painting. She aspires to acquire a degree in creative writing or photography.


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