Hospital Management

  • Thomas
    Hospital Manager
    Thomas is the hospital manager at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. He earned a BS in Business Administration in Philadelphia and spent time in retail before becoming the hospital manager in 2000. He thoroughly enjoys working with the progressive RAH team that is dedicated to superior patient care and client service. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys hiking, biking, sailing, and photography.
  • Cindy

    Bookkeeper Cindy has been a part of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team sinceBookkeeper Cindy has been a part of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since 1995, and has been working in the animal care field for over 30 years.

    She says, 'Our hospital practices the best medicine. We have new doctors fresh out of veterinary school and doctors with a lot of experience. We also have a great support staff.'

    At home, Cindy has two pit bull mixes named Tic Tac and Tootsie Pop. Both dogs know a few tricks, like sit, come, shake and speak.

  • Sandi
    Client Relations Manager
    Client Relations Manager Sandi has provided client service to our dedicated clients and their wonderful pets since 2004. She has been a part of the animal care field for over 20 years. Sandi says, 'We are a team dedicated to providing the best patient and client care possible. I'm proud to be a part of such a dedicated, empathetic and knowledgeable group of doctors and staff.' Sandi enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family. She's an avid sportswoman. Furthermore, she volunteers for activities her daughter is involved in.
  • Christopher
    Staff Operations Manager
    Staff Operations Manager Christopher has been a part of the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital team since 2006. He enjoys working with the friendly staff and likes the fast-paced work environment. His hobbies include playing the drums and hanging out with his friends.


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