• Heart Disease in Cats
    Last month we talked about heart disease in dogs, and this month we are discussing heart disease in cats and how this can present differently than in dogs. Heart disease Read more
  • THC Toxicity and CBD in Pets
    With the increasing medical use for Cannabis and its legalization in many states, veterinarians are seeing more cases of toxicity in their pet patients. The Cannabis sativa plant contains over Read more
  • Heart Disease in Dogs
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in humans in the United States and costs the country over $300 billion annually. While not as extreme in our pets, it Read more
  • Bites and Stings
    Most of us know that when the warmer weather approaches, it means contending with fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. We have a lot of options to help protect our pets from Read more
  • Reducing Anxiety in the Hospital
    Most of us have heard of the term “White Coat Syndrome.” Just being around doctors can cause an otherwise healthy person to have elevated blood pressure. It is probably not Read more
  • Seasonal Allergies in Dogs and Cats
    Although the warmer weather is often a welcomed change from the cold temperatures and snowy precipitation, it often brings seasonal allergies to both humans and pets. We often think of Read more
  • Inappropriate Urination in Cats
    It is no question that cats can be complex creatures. If you have (or have had) cats in your life, you’ll know that they are not always easy to read Read more
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
    As we are making advancements in medicine and nutrition, we are seeing our pets live longer, and with aging come age-related diseases. An ailment that often goes under-diagnosed, as it Read more
  • New Pets
    New Pets Read more
  • Physical Rehabilitation in Dogs
    Physical Rehabilitation in Dogs Read more
  • How to prepare your pet for vacation
    How to prepare your pet for vacation Read more
  • Introducing New Cats to Your Home
    Introducing New Cats to Your Home Read more


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