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  • Inappropriate Urination in Cats
    It is no question that cats can be complex creatures. If you have (or have had) cats in your life, you’ll know that they are not always easy to read Read more
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
    As we are making advancements in medicine and nutrition, we are seeing our pets live longer, and with aging come age-related diseases. An ailment that often goes under-diagnosed, as it Read more
  • New Pets
    New Pets Read more
  • COVID-19 Visiting RAH Protocol (updated 12.31.2021)
    Appointment Check-In Please wait in your car when you arrive in the parking lot. The parking spaces will be labeled with numbers and each will be marked with a sign with instructions Read more
  • Physical Rehabilitation in Dogs
    Physical Rehabilitation in Dogs Read more
  • How to prepare your pet for vacation
    How to prepare your pet for vacation Read more
  • Introducing New Cats to Your Home
    Introducing New Cats to Your Home Read more
  • What do I feed my pet?
    “What do I feed my pet?” It’s a common question that we are asked at almost every new pet exam. It seems that everyone you ask will have a different Read more
  • Osteoarthritis in Cats
    Osteoarthritis in Cats Read more
  • Vestibular Events in Pets
    While seeing your pet have a vestibular episode can be terrifying, most of the time it is self limiting or treatable. Read more
  • Laryngeal Paralysis (Lar-Par)
    While laryngeal paralysis cannot really be prevented, most dogs who develop it can still maintain a good quality of life with the proper precautions and management. Read more
  • Ear Infections
    Ear infections are a common ailment that brings pets into the clinic. Read more


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