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Don’t Let Halloween Turn into a Fright Fest for Your Pet!

As the leaves start to fall, pumpkin spice permeates every sweet treat, and harvest and Halloween décor flood the entire retail industry, we know that fall has arrived! With this comes delicious treats and Halloween antics which can be so much fun for the family but very dangerous for your pet. Keep a few things in mind this Halloween to keep your pets safe.

Keep the sweets away from your pets! Many times, there is a large bowl of candy or a homemade treat shaped as a ghost or goblin around this time of year for trick-or-treaters on Halloween night or for festive parties. Any treats containing chocolate of any kind can be very dangerous if ingested. Also, the sugar-free candies have a compound called xylitol that is very toxic to pets. If you suspect your pet has eaten any chocolate or sugar-free candy, the safest action would be to call your veterinarian right away.  Make sure you know what kind of chocolate/candy and how much was ingested so your veterinarian can make the best recommendation for your pet. Plan to bring your pet in as soon as possible for treatment. If your veterinarian is not available, call the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 for more information.

If you are planning on dressing your pet in a costume, make sure it fits properly and there are no sharp edges that might abrade the skin, or interfere with their head (breathing, moving of the mouth etc.) Pets also like to remove costumes and/or chew at them. They must always be supervised while wearing a costume and make sure they are accustomed to wearing the costume before Halloween arrives! If they are unhappy with their costume, take a few pictures, post them on Instagram and call it a night!

On Halloween night, a few very important things to remember include keeping your pet inside and away from the activity. Only the most socialized, well-behaved pets should be out and about with the trick-or-treaters. Many pets will be very anxious with the activity level at the door that night.  You may consider leaving them in another room during the peak hours of trick-or-treating. The fear of intruders in spooky costumes may also initiate odd behavior such as trying to bite or trying to escape once the door is opened.  Behavior that you may never suspect your pet would ever exhibit. Make sure your pet always has proper identification with an ID tag on the collar or a microchip in case they get out. Also, decorations such as candle lit jack-o'-lanterns can be easily knocked over by a pet and cause a fire or a burn to your pet. Decorations containing electrical wire can also be enticing to pets and biting an electrical cord can cause electrocution and severe damage to your pet or even death.

Let the kids have fun with this "spooktacular" holiday with sweet treats and tricks and be mindful that your pets might not want to partake in the fun. Don’t turn their holiday into a ghostly nightmare. Keep them safe and happy!


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