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  • Important information about visiting Rhinebeck Animal Hospital
    In our continued effort to prioritize staff, client, and community safety, we are making the following temporary modifications. Read more
  • Changes at RAH due to COVID-19
    We want to update you on the following precautions that we are taking to keep our clients, patients, and staff healthy. Read more
  • My Pet Is Coughing; What Do I Do?
    Trying to determine why our pets are coughing can be an involved process. Read more
  • Australian Wildfire Crisis Donation - Update
    In an early response to the Australian wildfire disaster, the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital Helping Hand Fund donated $2,500.00 to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo wildlife hospital in Dubbo, Australia. An Read more
  • Basics of Parrot Care
    These birds are challenging pets but can be equally rewarding if given proper care. Read more
  • AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE CRISIS – Rhinebeck Animal Hospital Helping Hand Fund to match donations
    Past donations from generous clients and memorial donations from the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital have enabled the Rhinebeck Animal Hospital Helping Hand Fund to donate $2500.00 to assist in helping the wildlife affected by the massive Australian fire crisis. Read more
  • Traveling with Your Pet
    With a bit of planning and investigation, you and your pet will be ready to go for wherever your travels might take you. Read more
  • Cannabis Toxicity in Pets
    As edible marijuana products become more available, it is important to keep them stored safely away from your pets. Read more
  • Holiday Mishaps!
    Here are a few valuable tips to keep your pets safe through this year’s Thanksgiving feast. Read more
  • The Importance of Preventive Veterinary Care
    There is much to consider when deciding how to care for your four-legged family member. Preventive care is a key aspect of maintaining health and longevity. Read more
  • "My Dog Is Itchy!"
    The most common complaint at the vet's office tends to be an itchy pup! Thankfully, there is a logical approach to this unpleasant issue. Read more
  • Ticks: Assessing the Risk
    Though different species of ticks have varying life cycles, they all try to feed on our dogs or cats at some point in their life cycle. Here is what you need to know about them and how to keep your pets safe! Read more


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